NJ Business Associates is the firm Fortune 500 companies turn to, in the greater New Jersey market, when they want enduring results. Together, we create value through numbers, develop a systematic approach to marketing, and energize campaign teams to sustain success. Our efficient and effective approach to marketing has demanded rapid growth within a highly competitive industry.

We're committed to the everlasting growth of our clients, employees and communities.

NJ Business Associates is a leader in outsourced sales and marketing. Traditional forms of indirect marketing, such as direct mail, radio ads, billboards and television commercials are unable to maintain brand loyalty throughout the highly competitive markets.

Through our unique ability to position our professional, highly trained,  account managers in direct contact with our clients target market, we are competent to accelerate market sales, increase client retention, as well providing solution oriented customer service while forging lasting partnerships between the client and loyal consumers, generating long-term revenues.